Friday, October 16, 2015

Real Estate In Moss Point MS

Moss Point, Mississippi is best Moss Point Mississippi real estate broker a community located in Harrison County and is about 3 miles north of Pascagoula which is the county seat. The City of Moss Point became incorporated in 1901 and became an industrial city that was made up of paper mills and the ship building industries. According to the United States, the population of Moss Point was determined to be 13,704 in 2010.

The locale of Moss Point enabled the community to become a significant player in Moss Point Mississippi real estate agent the South Mississippi lumber industry beginning as far back as 1840. In the 1840s, Moss Point ran at least five saw mills that created lumber from the near by Mississippi Longleaf pine forest. By the 1890s, Moss Point was the largest exporter of pine timber in the entire world.

When the Longleaf Pine was practically removed from the Mississippi landscape, Moss Point became home to paper manufacturing plants that used the remains of the cut forest in addition to secondary growth pine trees to produce kraft paper.

Mississippis most significant employer, Ingalls Shipbuilding, is based in nearby Passcagoula, along with other major industries such as oil refining and chemical companies.

Moss Point is fabulous and is gifted with much picturesque beauty that includes rivers, marshes, and live oak trees that are draped with moss.

Moss Point is conveniently located and is a two hour travel to New Orleans and a 45 minute drive to Mobile. And, Moss Point is only a 5 minute drive to the most amazing sugar white sand beaches on the entire Mississippi Gulf Coastline along with usage of a vast array of terrific restaurants, outdoor attractions, and scenic byways and the exhilaration of nine nonstop casino resorts in nearby Harrison County.

And, the price of property in Moss Point is considered to be among lowest along the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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