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Wiggins Mississippi Real Estate Agent

approximatelybetween 60 to 80 Indians lived in this area. The Houma Indians became part of the march larger Chocktaw Indian Nation around 1800 when the numbers of Houma Indians were greatly reduced due to warfare with the Chocktaw Indian Nation. The Houma Indians had lighter skin coloration than the Chocktaw Indians. Most of the Chocktaw Indians were relocated to Oklahoma by the United States Army. But, the Houma Indians made a decision to become U.S. Citizens instead of relocating to Oklahoma.

The name of the community was chosen honoring Wiggins who was noted as a prominent early resident. Wiggins,MS was incorporated in 1904.

In 1893, the train was completed that connected the Wiggins area to the port in Gulfport. This enabled the Wiggins area to flourish when large sawmills were constructed to take advantage of the vast timber reserves which were available in the yellow pine forests.

Wiggins offers property owners who are living here spectacular natural landscapes. And, although Wiggins is a 20 minute drive for the most part from the Mississippi Gulf Coastline beaches, the cost of maintaining a home here is more affordable than real estate offered in seaside communities positioned in Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock counties. And, Wiggins is located far enough north Real Estate In Wiggins MS of the Mississippi Gulf Coast that the effect of violent weather caused by hurricanes is considerably diminished.

Actually, since post-hurricane Katrina 2005, Wigginss 256 foot elevation, and quick access to both Gulfport and Biloxi have led to the construction of many, modern residential sub-divisions. The construction standards of these homes is great, however the cost is more affordable than equivalent properties that are located in nearby Harrison County at much lower elevations above sea level.

Wiggins features the neighboring Desoto National Forest which offers over ½ million acres of stunning outdoor scenic delights. Mississippi’s only federally specified Wild and Scenic River includes the Black Creek water shed which is located near Wiggins. Wiggins also features the Pascagoula River Basin which is Mississippi’s second largest sized basin. This basin drains an area that is approximately 1,000 square miles that eventually drains into the Gulf of Mexico. {The stunning Red Creek flows through the southern part of Wiggins. The last unregulated significant river system outside of Alaska is contained within the Pascagoula River Basin. Two major tributaries are located in Wiggins.

Outdoor recreation abound near Wiggins, Mississippi. Over 100 square miles of unspoiled wilderness Wiggins Mississippi Home Sales awaits nature lovers. 41 miles of federally managed hiking paths Realtor Wiggins MS follow the beautiful Black Creek. Fresh water fishing, camping, canoeing, swimming, tubing, picnicking, horseback and ATV operating are always close by in woodlands which have a Realtor Wiggins MS teaming ecosystem that has a huge assortment of wild birds. For individuals who enjoy hunting, Wiggins has an plethora of deer, turkey, quail, and rabbit.

Wiggins is conveniently located and is only a ninety minute journey to New Orleans. Wiggins is only a 25 mile drive south to the white sand Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches, a vast array of fantastic restaurants, and the enjoyment of 24-hour nonstop casino resorts.

Regardless if you are planning to relocate with your loved ones or are searching for a calm beach retreat, let me help you with your home ownership investment in Wiggins, MS and walk you through the time consuming process of looking for the particular property.

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